Choose Simplistic: Beauty, Food, and your Thoughts

When it comes to managing life, work, relationships, our own beauty and our meals, I am guilty of making everything much more difficult than it has to be.

Does anyone else struggle with overcomplicating their lives?  Overcomplicated weekly meals, lengthy-to-do lists, endless amounts of laundry piled up in the corner of the bedroom, and seven different kinds of foundations on your makeup counter.

Each morning, I’ve struggled with getting up early and going through all the steps I thought I needed to do to look presentable for work and my busy day, preparing and planning a meal for when I’d get home, and keeping my journal close to me all day in case I needed to write anything down just to get it out of my head.

This used to be a much simpler process when I was in my earlier twenties, and damn I have missed it.

Something switched when I entered the work force, but this is to be expected.  Working a full-time job on top of managing every day life can be challenging and rather skill-building.  

I realized I was putting myself last in attempting to get everything on my to-do list completed.  I had become exhausted, unappreciated, and just plain bitter.

I was overcomplicating everything.  From my makeup, to my food, to my thoughts.  It had to stop.

So I created a plan to simplify things, and let me tell you just how greatly it’s affected my life and my happiness!

My anxiety was no longer up to my eyeballs, and I could keep my thoughts clear and straight-which becomes very difficult when things are too complicated.

Here are the ways I’ve simplified my life, and how you can to:

  1. Beauty
    1. Makeup:  I’ve said goodbye to applying too much makeup.  Of course I’ll apply more for special occasions, but I’ve adopted the simplistic approach of applying a bold lip or eccentuated eyes–never both.  A good red-tinted lipstick with a few simple swipes of lengthening mascara, or a natural smoky eye with a pinky lip balm to balance it out.  The French knows what’s going on.  I’ve been inspired and have been influenced by these French makeup looks: 
    2. Skin
      1. Dry brushing is my best friend, and can be yours, too.  Once a week I will dry brush my entire body gently before a hot and steamy shower.  This will take me about twenty minutes and will make your skin the softest, most glowy it will ever be.  I swear by it!
      2. I moisturize my skin every night right after my nightly shower with an oil-rich body cream I usually buy from Bath and Body Works.  In addition, I also use a facial oil (I’ve been using camellia or jasmine) for my face, and I’ve never seen such improvements!  It’s so simple and completely natural.
    3. Hair: I have long since stopped blowdrying my hair.  Since I must take a shower every night (as part of my relaxing and nightly ritual), I simply let my hair air dry overnight.  This not only saves all the heat damage to my hair, but saves me tons of time when I’m getting ready.  To run out the door in the days I’m running late (which is often), I simply run a hair straightener through the kinks and add a bit of texture if I’m in the mood.
  2. Food
    1. As a past nutritionist, I used to plan my meals the week before along with the grocery list, meal prep guidelines, and the nutritional content.  Can I just say how stressful this was?  I did this week after week after week….It was nothing short of exhausting.  I have since stopped all my meal planning and everything else, and decided to buy the essentials:
      1. 3-4 seasonal fruit and vegetables that lasts all week
      2. 2 fresh protein options (usually picked up the day it will be prepared to ensure freshness)
      3. a soup, stew, or bake that can be made ahead and eaten for dinner the following day
      4. 2 different fun foods to have a treat through the week
      5. the staples (garlic, seasonings, herbs, plant-based milk, cheeses, grains, etc.)
      6. Flavored seltzer water (my favorite is coconut!)

  1. Thoughts: The more I try to organize my thoughts, the more complicated it gets for me.  I have countless notebooks filled with to-dos, menus, grocery lists, random thoughts, and dreams.  I had to come to terms with what I really want in life, and let all else go.  Sometimes, it’s just not the right time, you know?  You really have to assess what’s important enough to demand all of your attention right now, and focus solely on that.  You deserve this, and it will help you be able to get rid of your scattered brain.

I hope this helps you!  I’ve seen such amazing results by simplifying my life in all areas possible.  I didn’t realize how much energy it was taking from me, and the world around me.  I have been able to focus more on what matters most.  My health (physical and mental), my relationships, my anxiety, and my outlook on life has improved ten-fold.

I know it’s hard, especially if you’re used to overcomplicating things.  Take your time, figure out where your heart lies and focus on creating the life you want, simply.

Happy simplifying, my loves.


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