Makeup review: My favorite mascara-natural, cruelty-free, under $20!

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Good morning, lovelies!

Question for you:  How old where you when you started using mascara?

I was about 13 years old…I know.  If I had a daughter who wanted to use mascara at 13, I don’t know what I would do or think!  But this is when I began experimenting with makeup, particularly the old broken compacts and worn down eyeliner pencils found in my mom’s makeup bag.

Sparkly eyeshadow, anyone?

I’ve had my fair share of battles to find the perfect mascara throughout the last 10-15 years, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Too thick,

too heavy,

too runny,

the wand isn’t thick enough-or too thick,

waterproof isn’t my jam,

it crusts after only an hour of applying it,

it stains my face if I am caught at a sappy movie and can’t control my tears (I’m a romantic),

it doesn’t want to come off even after scrubbing my poor eyes for what seems like a (painful) hour…

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It’s a lot to deal with!  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

Everyone is different, but I wanted to share the perfect mascara for what I find is the perfect formula.

NOTE:  I have used countless brands and styles of mascara throughout the years.  Some I became loyal to and then graduated on to the next and best thing to hit the market.  I am NOT a beautician or professional makeup artist.  This is just what works for me.

What I love about and need in a mascara:

  1. thickening formula – my eyelashes are long and very wispy, so I like to add some ‘oomph’ to them
  2. deep, rich black pigment – my eyelashes are my best attribute that I like to play up, so the darker the better
  3. semi-quick drying time – I apply about 3 coats of mascara to achieve the look I’m after, so being able to apply the proceeding coats to a half-dried coat is crucial.  I don’t have time to wait any longer for them to dry in my rushed mornings
  4. moisture – I am out and about all day long, so I need my mascara to stay moisturized without breaking off into dry bits that other mascaras do
  5. easy removal – I admit it, I’m a little lazy when it comes time to wash my face, so the easier to remove my mascara, the better
  6. long, thick wand – I can reach the roots of my lashes easier with long bristles that comes on a thick wand, and it’s easier to use when my hands aren’t crowding my face if it’s a long wand
  7. cruelty free – I’m not about using products that are tested on animals for the well-being of people-my makeup products NEED to be cruelty free (I’m working on transitioning all the products I use to be cruelty free)
  8. price – Come on, ladies.  I know you don’t want to pay tons of $$$ on mascara-who does?  I need it to be below $20 for me to feel great about my purchase

This is the mascara that fits all these requirements perfectly!

Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (in black) $15 on Amazon

Image result for elizabeth mott mascaraImage result for eyelashes

Why I love this mascara:

It’s deeply pigmented, the wand is the perfect length so I don’t rub off my foundation with my hands-which happens with a too-short wand, the bristles are long and thick which allows me to build up the volume in my lashes.  It never dries out on me, and has not dried into black bits if I happen to rub my eyes throughout the day.  Clumping isn’t a feature when applying this mascara, so even if I apply a 4th coat to my usual 3, I’ll be ok.  It dries just slow enough and not too fast to where I can build up the product but not to where it’s completely dry before my second coat.  It lasts all day without dropping pigment to my under eyes, making me look like a raccoon.  When it comes time to remove it for the day, water is all I need.  Seriously!!  I either stand in the shower with the water running down my face, or splash water from the sink and allow it to soak just a few seconds.  The way it washes off is my absolute most favorite thing about this mascara-it does not dissolve into a liquid, but it dissolves into fibers without staining your face and with no pain from ripping it from your delicate lashes.  This mascara is cruelty free and vegetarian – so no animals hurt and no animal ingredients, and I can buy it on Amazon for only $15!

I have used many other mascaras, like I mentioned but this mascara has beat out all the others.  It has all the features I adore, and that’s a feat in itself because I’m pretty particular when it comes to buying products-espeically my mascara.

I want it to have the quality, the staying power, longevity, ethical benefits, a good price:wroth ratio, and for it to not be too expensive.

I have used mascara from the drug store including Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel, etc.  I have bought the more expensive brands such as Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bare Escentuals, etc.

I really liked the 3D fiber lash mascara kit (the one where you apply the black mascara that’s almost like an adhesive then use the tube containing mascara fibers in a 2-step process) and really liked that for a short time.  I’d have to replace the product every 3 weeks and didn’t like to spend that money routinely.

With high hopes, I purchased Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara from other recommendations and thinking it would be absolute luxurious.  It may just be me, but I am not that impressed.  The quality is good-it stays moisturized all day long, I get the length and volume from it, but it takes me about 5-6 coats to achieve what I can with the Elizabeth Mott mascara.  It does not wash off easily-I must use makeup remover to get it off and I’m more about the simpler approach of just using water.  It stains my under eyes and no matter what I do I cannot get it all off-something I’ve struggled with all mascaras besides the Elizabeth Mott mascara.  When I go to bed, my eyes are red, puffy, and stained gray from how hard I try to remove the product and I always wake up with residue in the corners of my eyes-yuck.

A similar product to the Elizabeth Mott It’s So BIG that’s under $10 is Maybelline’s Illegal Length Fiber Mascara (in black).  It provides almost all the same features and is a great comparison.  It doesn’t last as long and I don’t believe its cruelty free, but I used this mascara for 1-2 years straight with no complaints.


So there you have it!  My favorite all-time go-to, never-fail mascara that brings me gorgeous, sexy, full lashes.  I hope you try it, and please please please let me know what you think!!


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