What’s changing in my life, and a new toy to play with!! RECAP on ECP

I’m so not used to talking informally….I mean, I spent the last 8 years of my life (all of my college “adult” life) working hard scholastically towards my education and career, and I find it oh-so difficult to speak and write without a professional goal in mind.

It’s funny how you end up living life in a way that makes it not so fun, ya know?

Ah maybe I’m the only one.

I’ve been so caught up in the seriousness of life and plans and goals and yadadadada that I forgot to actually live life and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I started this blog as a way to escape my to-do lists and necessary adult tasks, but I’ve struggled to stick to my carefree ideal world in this little space of mine.

Well, not anymore.  I’ve changed quite a few things that have been in the works over the past few months, and I couldn’t be more excited to embark on these changes.

I decided to quit my lifelong goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian (you can check out more in a YouTube video I made about this here) , and just focus on creating a life for myself, structured around my ideals and passions instead of a few initials behind my name.

I’ve also changed my diet dramatically and yet not-so dramatically, which I’ll be posting and update on soon!  As a teaser, I’ve cut WAY down on carbohydrates and am focusing more on getting lots of good fat in my diet daily.  It has turned my world upside down (in a good way!) and has been setting me up with the very foundation I’ve been struggling to find!!!  My lifestyle is becoming exactly what I desire it to be-balanced.

On another note, Tim (my hubby) is an amazing photographer and loves all things cameras.  You should check his Instagram account here!!  He doesn’t do it professionally, nor does he do it for money.  He does it simply because he loves it…dearly.  I love this man.

I love going on photography adventures with him, and it’s so fun to share our different perspectives on the same scene!

He surprised me the other day with an awesome gift—a brand new AMAZING vlogging camera with tons of really cool features I’m dying to try out!!  It’s the Panasonic Lumix LX10 that has a flip screen so I can use for selfies and vlogging.

My most favorite feature of this camera is post focus, where you take a picture of a subject, let it process and once its finished you can choose a different focal point in the photo AFTER the photo is taken….#mindblown.

This will indeed help out my inability to set the right setting for a capture….I’m never up to speed and am always fumbling with my settings.

I have so many photography trips and ideas planned and can’t wait to take you all along!!

I’m privy to the beauty on the East Coast, and I hope to capture all that it makes me feel living here.  I can’t wait to share with you!!

Please let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see.  We’ll be traveling south soon and will be getting some good shots on the coast, but for right now I’m planning on taking some town shots, nature shots, people captures, and everything in between.  Expect lots of food pics!!!

Oh, on that-since I changed my diet, I’ve been loving experimenting with lots of new recipes and flavors that have helped me get my health back on track.  I’ll be posting recipes on here very soon for you, and you can be sure to expect some beautiful shots on all the deliciousness!!

What’s something you’ve changed recently?  Has it been working?  What’s your ideal lifestyle?

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