Fall and photography adventures

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Happy Saturday friends!!fall-photography-adventures

Today was a good great day.

Autumn adventuresAbove: My capture

Do you ever wake up and just know that you’re going to have a great day?  I felt rested after sleeping in (much needed), enjoyed coffee in bed with Hubby for a solid 2 hours, went to lunch with Hubby, was able to grocery shop in a person-less store (thanks home football game), then went to capture October’s beauty in all the foliage at our local state park.

Autumn adventures

Above: My capture

Then?  We came home, I made chili and cinnamon rolls (all plant based!-chili recipe coming soon), watched Hocus Locus, lit some candles, and now I’m blogging to all of you wonderful readers.  Hi!

This couldn’t have been a more autumn-esque featured day, and I loved every second of it.  It was cool all day, the leaves are gorgeously colored, and I was able to wear boots-(similar can be found here).  Um, every girls’ love.

Below: Hubby’s captureAutumn adventures

The hubby and I love to go on picture-taking adventures, and we’ve been seeking out new places to snap away.  It’s a hobby we both can share, where we can get out and be active-and we can do it together.

It’s something I cherish and I’ll never take for granted.  Hubby has a unique perspective and tells a different story than what the average person sees in his subjects.  It’s a rather attractive feature 🙂

Autumn adventures

Above: My capture

We have different viewpoints for our pictures, and it’s fun to see how he and I differ with what’s on the other side of the camera.

Below:  This was my photo, taken of my feet next to a tree.  I chose to focus on the texture of the bark on the tree while keeping my feet the secondary focus to this capture, while blurring the colors of the ground together.

Autumn adventures


Autumn adventures

Above:  This was Hubby’s capture of his feet-notice how he chose to focus on his boots rather than the leaves laying in the water, which is the secondary perspective in this capture.  His  photo presents the colors on the ground  and the reflection really well balancing out the picture.

Both photos of our feet, but different takes on how we view them.

NOTE:  We never plan taking a photo of the same subject or even similar photos, like of our shoes but it’s fun to see our own vision on like captures.

Photography is a way we can be creative and paint a different picture than what goes unnoticed.  I’m a romantic, so anytime I can expose the beauty of a situation, a landscape, the details in a fence post-like below, the subtle smile candidly shot on the unsuspecting person, or the beauty in imperfection.

Below: My captureAutumn adventures

After all, isn’t imperfection what brings us the beautiful subjects?

Autumn adventures

Above: Hubby’s capture.  How incredibly beautiful is this?  Something so raw and overlooked presents so much life, color, complexity, and grander all at once.  This one may need to be on my wall!

Hubby has this gift; in seeing the beauty in all things-especially things that are used as tools and practical items that aren’t marketed for their attractiveness, such as this- Hubby’s capture below:  

Autumn adventures

The door is rough-paint faded and worn from the ground beneath, the hinges are rusted, and he stone wall is soaked.  This building we found near the camp sites housed what we think is a drainage system for the septic used by tenters and hikers.  While this has a functional purpose and there’s nothing exciting about a drainage system, the housing is beautiful, but is even more attractive through Hubby’s eyes-and lens.

Autumn adventures

Above: My capture

Below: Hubby’s capture

Autumn adventures

Today was the perfect day for an October, autumn hike to check out the fall leaves and scenery.  The chill air and absence of rain made for the perfect adventure, and we’ll probably be going back out tomorrow to see what else we can find!

Cameras used:

Hubby’s camera: Fujifilm x100T 

My camera: Sony Nex3n


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