My Fix for Super Dry Skin: How to keep makeup fresh and dewy

Hi pretties!

Today I’m sharing with you how I achieve and maintain a glowy fresh face all day long…even though I have horribly dry skin.  True story.I blame it on years of birth control, crazy stupid low fat diets, and drying cosmetics all throughout my twenties.  I would have to add moisturizer to my face even with makeup already in place, just to fight skin tightness and dry flakes.

This embarrassed me so much, that sometimes I’d go without makeup just so I could keep applying a moisturizer throughout the day with no discoloration on my skin.  It was that bad.

This is what my skin looks like after 12 hours, with a full makeup, running errands all day, in 88 degree heat, and after doing a 20 minute workout-all with my secret weapon.
I’ve found the Holy Grail to my skin care routine, and it’s nothing short of a miracle.  Truly!

I use a facial oil both at night as part of my nightly skincare routine, and underneath my makeup.  Without it, my face cakes under all that drying foundation (oily ones too) and I look like I’m a heavy smoker…..

I’m currently using the camellia facial oil by Herbiarie, and it was under $10!!! ???
Using a facial can do so many wonderful things for your skin, especially if you’re prone to dry skin (and even if you’re skin is on the oily side).

Read on for benefits:

1. Obviously, it can add tons of much needed hydration

2. It can fill in pores making your face smoother for makeup application
 3. It can fight against wrinkle development

4. Oil is a natural product from where it’s derived, and can be beneficial to the health of your skin as opposed to damaging ingredients in other beauty products
 5. It can balance out over-oily skin and restore your natural oil production!

6. It provides antibacterial properties and can help improve acne
 7. It can be affordable if you know how to shop for it-like this one I buy. This one I’m currently using is only $6.99!! 

I’ve been using this facial oil as a moisturizer/primer underneath my makeup in the morning, and as a nightly moisture punch for my nightly skin care routine before I go to bed for about 6 months, and I’ve seen such great results with it.

No flaky dry skin, a more even complexion, a brighter skin tone, a glowy-ness that lasts with makeup all day long, and less blemishes!!

I couldn’t be happier, and my skin only seems to be improving still.

Questions for you:

1. Have you used a facial oil?

2. What’s your biggest skin issue?

3. How much do you pay for skin care products?

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