Why Channeling Energy (good or bad!) is your Best Health Tool

“I’m so stressed!”

I’m just going to say it now.  Stress is a part of everyone’s lives, and we will never be able to live completely stress-free.  Actually, having a little stress in our daily lives is healthy for us.

Otherwise, life would be pretty boring, don’t ya think?

But as we all know and read so many times that we are all pretty much stressed beyond our limit with all of the responsibilities we take on. #yathink?

What I truly didn’t realize until I read a book about fascia health and how it causes more of our problems that we think are caused by different issues, was how we (our bodies and minds) are basically conductors of all types of energy.  Whether we allow this energy to flow through us in a healthy way or we choose to keep it bottled inside depends on how we choose to react to certain stressors and daily life.

Think about it.  If a dear friend comes to you on a lunch or coffee date and surprises you by saying she’s getting married/having a baby/being promoted at work/has won the lottery, we are overfilled with joy!

What do we want to do when things like this happens?  We want to shout it from the rooftops and share the joy to everyone you know because you feel that good.  You want to let out this positive and radiant energy.

Thus, you’re channeling the good vibes and energy you’ve allowed in your mind and body, and allowing it to flow freely through until you release it.

If you were to try and hold in this good news when they tell you to keep it secret for a little while, you might feel like you’re going to explode if you can’t share!

Ever feel like that?

On the opposite spectrum, if you’re having a super crummy day at work when your boss asked you to stay over on a Friday afternoon while all your friends had to go to Happy Hour without you, you’re going to feel terrible.

But do you yell and scream at your boss when you’re upset about the situation?

You might be fired if you do, so you keep quiet and hold in your frustration.


Because when we do this, we allow this negative energy to fill up our minds and bodies.  This is totally normal, and as we talked about at the beginning of this post-it’s actually healthy for a little stress.

But the kicker is, if you don’t find a healthy channel to allow this negative energy to flow through you in a reasonable amount of time, it will adhere to your inner being (sorry for being so hippyish!) and reside comfortably until you basically have to tear it from your life-and that’s never a good day.

The idea is to allow yourself time to accept a bad situation but to find a healthy and timely opportunity to free this negative energy from you when you can.


If it’s an hour, fine.  If it’s later this evening, fine.

But try your best to deal with it the same day, because you know tomorrow will present you with even more potential stressors that will eventually build and the monster will be much harder to fight.

I completely understand that you’re not always going to be able to kick and scream if you so desire right at the very moment you need it.  We live in the real world, so it’s better to stay calm until you can do it where you’re most comfortable without any retribution from coworkers, superiors, family, etc.

SIDE NOTE: although I just mention that you’d probably want to save your release until you’re in private, sometimes its good to allow a little release out in front of others if needed as long as it’s not damaging or hurting yourself or anyone around you.  If you feel confident in how you’ll react and knowing it’ll make you feel better, go for it!  It would be great if more people were open to sharing their frustrations and feelings more than to pretend we’re all so perfect and under control when we’re slowly dying on the inside…. #foodforthought

So how do you do this?

Working Out: A lot of people choose to work out to release bad energy.  Kick boxing anyone?

I love to walk long distances for about an hour or however long it takes for me to free up my mind.

*Check out my YouTube Channel for some workout inspiration!*

At first I may start walking rather quickly, allowing my feet to stomp the ground as I take each stride.  This allows me to be a little aggressive with the pavement/track/grass and not hurt myself or anyone in the process.  Then I start to feel better, my mind a little clearer, and then my steps become lighter and I move more effortlessly to where I begin to enjoy the movement of my body.  I like to do it alone, to where I can free up my tangled mind and thoughts.

Other days I might enjoy sprinting to really release built-up energy.  Some days when I’m super frustrated or angry, or even sad, I find myself tossing personal and non-personal items more carelessly, and know I need some type of explosive release.  So I like to take it to the track and break through each 100 meter distance line until I’m out of breath and my body is shaking (in a good way!).

Music: Do you ever think why teens and young adults love listening to loud and sometimes raging music? It’s because it’s a form of release for them, to where they can turn the sound up really loud and allow their negative energy to flow through the heavy vibrations of sound.

It’s one way, and you may find to work for you, too!

Creativity: I love being able to release my energy calmly by exploring myself, and forgetting the rest of my stresses by being as expressive and creative as possible.

I do this by cooking, baking, painting, dancing, decorating, playing with makeup, and styling my home and my fashion style.  When I am free to be creative in these ways, I find that my thoughts are turned into what I enjoy about myself and my views the most, and this allows all my negative energy to flow through in a positive way with positive outcomes.  This being a work of art, a good meal, a new makeup look, etc.

I’ve always known that too much stress isn’t good for anyone, and I’ve been a victim of carrying too much most of my adult life.  What I didn’t realize is that it’s OK to have stress, but the healthy attribute is finding a way to allow to flow through me in a healthy way, and NOT bottling it up.

There is so much to learn because we have to turn to ourselves for answers in how to release this energy, which isn’t always easy especially if you’re like me and tend to put others first, and yourself last.

But it’s so important to realize this and practice healthy channeling all types of energy!  Remember the good energy??  Share it in an appropriate way or you’ll explode.  Remember, good stress is still stress 🙂


I hope this helps you realize what I’ve recently understood about energy, and how it can motivate us or break us down.

And I hope you can find a healthy channel so you can live life healthfully, and letting all that bottled up energy out!

I’d love to hear how you do it!! I’m on the search for more ways, and would love to help out anyone whose seeking different stress reliefs.  Please comment below on how you manage and channel your stress!

Leighann <3


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