What to wear to a Bridal Shower-East Coast Southern Style

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what to wear to a bridal shower

Congratulations!  Someone you know is getting married, and you’re enjoying being able to celebrate with them on this special time in their lives.  Cocktail parties, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, the wedding itself, and of course, the after party!

Today we’re going to be talking about what to wear to a bridal shower.  These are my favorite, because it’s an excuse for me to get dressed as girly as possible (my favorite!).  In the South, this means floral, feminine, tasteful, and soft.  A bridal shower is an excuse for tea sandwiches, fruity drinks on the patio, and cute party favors.  What’s not to love?

For my own Bridal Shower, I chose to wear a dark, navy-laced dress to showcase my predominant hue in my color scheme for my wedding. (I’m on the left in this photo!)  My accents in my wedding were pearl, gold, and blush, and I chose my accessories to compliment my dress this day with jewelry, my nails, and my makeup.

Bridal Shower

wedding colors in bouquet


After all these celebrations I mentioned above, you may be running out of ideas on what to wear. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with another outfit, I hear you.  Either the shower is themed, it’s in a location or a venue that demands a specific style of dress, or you’re just stumped because you have all the other parties and events you have to worry how to dress for.  I get it!

Well wonder no more!  I’m here to help you figure out how NOT to outshine the bride on one of her most special days, but still look as beautiful as I know you are.


This may be obvious, but I’m going to cover it, anyway.  Only the bride should wear white, at any occasion celebrating her marriage!  Of course, there are exceptions like if the bride’s wedding dress is dark or another color besides white, if your bridesmaids dresses are chosen to be white, OR if you’ve already received permission from the bride, herself.

bridal shower guest

Dark colors are great, but maybe not for the summer time?   Bridal showers are usually all women (unless it’s a coed shower which I’ll get to later in this post), and the attire for an all-girl party is most always a feminine approach.   This means, light and soft colors and textures.  Pinks, nudes, light blues and greens, a soft gray, cream, yellow, lavender…..you get the idea!  Of course dark colors (like my navy dress above) and black is a great color to dress in and can be done tastefully for a shower.  Just be mindful that you don’t look like you’re going for a night out for drinks and that your makeup is light and fresh.

Pink Dresses: Here are some of my favorite choices when going for the elegant, soft feminine approach for wearing pink:


Blue Dresses: Here are some blue dresses that are soft, feminine, and perfect for a bridal shower:


Outdoor/Spring/Summer Bridal Shower: If the Bridal Shower you are attending will be taking place in an outdoor setting during the spring or summer time, here are some floral and spring/summer dresses that will work perfectly:


If the shower is hosted at a Venue:

ALWAYS a dress!!  Unless otherwise noted or the bride herself has stated she will be in something other than a dress, play it safe.  A dress is always feminine, tasteful, and classy.  Venues usually representing brides and wedding occasions will encompass all these attributes, and you don’t want to stand out in a bad way.

Ultra Feminine Two-Piece: If you are wanting to choose something girly but not necessarily a dress, these skirts and tops are your way to go to fit your mood.  Here are some ultra feminine two-piece Bridal Shower outfit ideas:
Co-Ed Bridal Showers (called Wedding Showers):  As indicated, both sexes are invited and the dress is slightly different than an all-girl bridal shower.  If you want to dress as girly and as feminine as possible, go for it!  But here you have my permission to take off the Derby hat and put down your six-inch high heels for a slightly more casual approach.  Here are my favorite pieces for a co-ed bridal shower, for both you and your guy:
There you have it!  I hope these ideas help you decide on what to wear to your loved one’s Bridal Shower, and that I’ve made it a little easier on you.  If you have any additional ideas on what to wear or certain styles of dress that you’ve had to work with, I’d love to hear about it!
what to wear to a bridal shower

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